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    You owe yourself this moment.
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Simulaxation Resort

You deserve better than the tundras of the frozen hellscape.
Discover tranquility. Discover PandaPandaPanda.
From the sea to the sky we have a simulaxation experience for you.

Avatar Therapy

Send your digital self into a state of bliss while you're offline.
They'll thank you later and you'll log in rejuvinated.


Treat all of yourselves to a simultaneous simulaxation experience.
The ultimate relaxation


The therapist uses stones gathered from around the vast world of the metaverse to infuse your body with energy


Provides innovative methods of avatar regeneratoin needed after the intense demands of cyber-athletics

We use only the best metabrands

Services & Pricing

At our avatar theraphy center, each simulaxation experience is customized according to the avatar's individual needs as well as the therapist's own talents and training.

The Full Simulaxation Experience
5 blocks, Ξ0.15
Vibrance and Hue Massage
5 blocks, Ξ0.05
Metastone Message
10 blocks, Ξ0.09
Booking Temporarily Closed
From The Sea

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You owe yourself this moment

Visit one of our multiple sessions of simulaxation.
About us

The frozen hellscape got you down? Come relax at an iconic PandaPandaPanda Simulaxation resort. Huts in an endless tranquil sea. Quiet tree houses in a lush rainforest. You desire ... we deliver.


Up: Block 200-600
Down: Block 600-200
Down: Block 8600 - 0200


MetaVersal Simulaxation
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